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2022 Golden Brick Awards Sponsors & Categories

2022 Presenting Sponsor

2022 Event Sponsors

2022 Event Categories

Arts & Culture

Sponsored by United Arts of Central Florida

Arts and culture can include visual, music, dance, film, theatre, or written mediums, but also embraces culinary arts, parades, festivals, community events, design, and much more.

Commercial & Residential Development

Sponsored by Dean Mead

Recognizes a commercial, residential, or mixed-use project possessing impressive design qualities and high-quality human impact.


Sponsored by UCF Downtown

Acknowledges a person, project, initiative that has made tremendous contributions to our shared community and has had a substantial impact on downtown Orlando.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Sponsored by JP Morgan Chase

This category honors the removal of barriers and improving the impact of public facing policy through initiatives and leading action by demonstrating excellence in the delivery of services to all citizens.

Entertainment & Special Events

Sponsored by Laconic Digital

Saluting the success of entertainment and special events that have a significant economic and cultural impact in downtown Orlando.

Hospitality & Dining

Sponsored by Visit Orlando

Awarded to a restaurant, bar, club, or lodging facility that has brought a new and exciting experience to downtown Orlando or significantly enhanced guest experiences at an existing space.

Innovation & Technology

Sponsored by Orlando Tech Community

This award recognizes the significant advancement and/or leadership in catalyzing innovation and technology in downtown Orlando.

New Office Design

Sponsored by e|spaces

Acknowledges a new space the promotes conductive and purposeful work through creativity, customization, and personalization.

Public Works & Placemaking

Recognizes exemplary public spaces, infrastructure, or solutions that substantively advance urban vitality, quality of life, and commerce in downtown Orlando.

Redesign & Renovation

Sponsored by PRISMATIC

This award acknowledges substantial redesign and renovation of an existing space through high quality design.

Sporting Events

Sponsored by Balfour Beatty

Awarded to sporting events outside of a regular professional season that have have had a substantial economic impact and have enriched and enlivened the downtown Orlando experience.

Sustainability & Resiliency

Sponsored by Charlan Brock Architects

This category celebrates the excellence of downtown Orlando’s ability to persevere and adapt to changes by promoting sustainable acquisition and resilient practices.

Game Changer

Sponsored by CareerSource Central Florida

This award is a wildcard that has no predefined criteria and is in recognition and appreciation for a job well done in downtown Orlando.

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