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Health Compass Consulting announced that its CEO, Donovan Pyle, was named Senior Advisor to Validation Institute. Validation Institute verifies the performance claims of healthcare solution providers, and also issues one of the highest designations in the employee benefits consulting industry, with its Certified Health Value Professional (CHVP) program. Mr. Pyle will be responsible for developing and chairing an advisory committee for the Institute’s “Certified Health Value Professional” (CHVP) program.


“Validation Institute and I are dedicated to elevating the professional standards of the employee benefits consulting industry. Under ERISA law, health plan fiduciaries are often required to hire certified experts to help them fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and maximize the return on their company’s benefits investment,” said Donovan Pyle, CEO of Health Compass Consulting. “Validation Institute’s CHVP program offers the most in-depth education on health plan innovation, and benefits consultants who complete this coursework are better equipped to help employers fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities and achieve their business objectives,” Mr. Pyle continued.

“The Department of Labor now holds fiduciaries of group health plans to the same rigorous standards they have on their 401(k) plans. This underscores the critical need for health plan fiduciaries to hire certified experts who can guide them in ensuring the vendors they work with are financially aligned, transparent, and offer reasonable prices. Validation Institute's CHVP program is designed to help meet this need, better equipping benefits consultants with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate these complex requirements," said Craig Sharpe, Chief Operating Officer, Validation Institute.

Health Compass Consulting is a new kind of professional services company whose mission is to improve the financial and physical health of organizations and communities by eliminating the $300 billion that employers waste on healthcare every year in America. Unlike benefits brokers whose recommendations to employers are influenced by commissions and bonuses paid from insurance companies, Health Compass aligns itself with employers by eliminating commissions and bonuses from insurance products and replacing them with their transparent flat fee. This fee is paid directly by the employer, ensuring that the recommendations provided are unbiased and in the best interest of the employer. As a result of this financial alignment, Health Compass is able to provide clients with unbiased advice and access to a much larger set of risk management strategies and solutions, which save employers about $1,500 per employee per year — with better benefits for employees. Health Compass Consulting proudly serves businesses with 10 to 10,000 employees who are serious about fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities and taking care of their employees. For more information, visit or call (800)-709-0515.

Institute Validation Institute provides unbiased, data-driven insights on healthcare solutions and services by validating performance claims made by solution providers and educating purchasers to drive transparency in the marketplace and maximize cost-savings. More information is available at

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