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This week we take a look at the different approaches our design members take to transform and create a space. From curating comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing surroundings, to branding and maximizing efficiency, here are what our DOP designers had to say.

For the Design of it.
The CI Group
What makes your space? It’s a great question, and as a furniture company I bet you expect me to say furniture, and while it sure is pretty, I wholeheartedly believe people make your space. Culture is king to any successful work environment. What I love most about what we do as workplace consultants providing furniture solutions is help clients create a feeling and function in their workplace. Even better, no two clients are alike, so we have tons of diversity.

As we build our relationship with our clients, we peel apart the layers to understand what really makes them tick or keeps them up at night.

There are so many ways to create spaces that foster collaboration or encourage more heads down focus work. Through different layouts, products, colors, and textures, you can tailor any space to fit your needs with a little help from us experts the eat, sleep, and breathe all the details.

We are invested in our client's success. Our goal is to be the most knowledgeable resource to our clients. We help navigate the terrain of a billion options and pair it down to what really matters for each organization and which creates an environment that cultivates success, inspires work, invites play, and encourages all to stay.

Common Sense Office Furniture
Our approach to design is human-centered. We look at our client's needs: professionally,  functionally, personally, culturally and then how we can expand on these factors to make their surrounding environment productive and encouraging. One of our favorite projects to date is the ClosetMaid headquarters in Lake Nona. The client wanted to create more department-specific areas to better support their teams, but wanted everything to be cohesive as if the building was a big home. We were able to collaborate with multiple industry firms on this project, ultimately providing the client with a warm, homeful yet modern design for their employees.

Nathan Vanags Design
The cornerstone of Nathan Vanags Design’s philosophy in designing corporate interiors is
incorporating the company’s brand and culture into the interior environment. To do this, Nathan
Vanags, NCIQD, owner and interior designer of Nathan Vanags Design has identified 3 key
indicators that he focuses on when designing a corporate space:

  1. Enhancing the customer and employee experience by how they interact throughout the interior.
  2. Identifying the key players in the company and where they will be situated throughout the space.
  3. Studying the team’s interactions and creating an environment that is conducive to the needs of each respective department.

The Nathan Vanags Design team also takes a detailed approach in learning intrinsically how the
company operates and intends to work within the space. From the reception area to the
boardrooms and work areas, Nathan and his team utilize the design process to create
thoughtful spaces that allow form to follow function. By learning how the company’s executives
interact with the team members, the Nathan Vanags Design team is able to address visibility
and accessibility to keep the organization focused on their goal. For example, if the
organization’s mission is transparency and accessibility, that would translate into an open office
space. In the same vein, there still needs to be pockets for one-on-ones, private conversations
and meetings.

Next Session Coming Up.
Join DOP in collaboration with UCF, Orlando Health, and CareerSource Central Florida for the next session of This is Downtown. Join the panelists as they examine the roles of education, recruitment, and partnership in Downtown Orlando's ecosystem.

  • Mark Bush, UCF Health Management and Informatics Lecturer and Undergraduate Health Services Administration Academic Program Coordinator
  • Helen Lynch, Head of Talent and Acquisition, Orlando Health
  • Clifford Marvin, Director of Public Affairs, CareerSource Central Florida

This is Downtown, hosted in partnership with DOP and UCF, is a webinar series surrounding points of pride, challenges, and opportunities in the Downtown Orlando business environment. Hear from experts and learn what assets we have on hand to keep Downtown Orlando exciting and enticing for years to come.

December 10, 2020 | 10:00 AM | Zoom
Registration now open.

DPAC's New Landscape
As we are all keenly aware, many industries have been seriously impacted by the current climate, especially the entertainment industry.  If you have taken a stroll  by the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts recently you will have noticed quite a bit of action. Beginning early next month, and continuing through May, Dr. Phillips Center will be revamped into the new Frontyard for the Orlando community.

The Frontyard Festival will include include a variety of events from music to comedy, dance to community arts, and fitness classes to holiday festivities. Guests will safely enjoy the Frontyard experience from a socially distant box that seats up to five people. Food and beverages from some of your favorite local restaurants will also be available to enjoy. G. Love & The Juice and Citizen Cope will kick of the festival on December 5, 2020. Tickets are now available.

Fusion Fest Virtual World
Next Friday, Fusion Fest Virtual World will be open to explore and experience new aspects of the heritages behind our neighbors. From 4:00 unit 8:00 PM guests are encouraged to make new connections just as they would during an in-person event. Through the use of live video, sound, and other animations, and the use of an avatar, the experiences occurs as the avatar approaches specific sections of the map. The virtual design represents Orlando and the fusion of heritages that are celebrated every year at FusionFest.

Exploria Stadium and 2020 Scotiabank CONCACAF Champions League
Greater Florida Sports Commission announced that Exploria Stadium will host the remaining matches of the CONCACAF Champions League beginning December 15, with the championship taking place on December 22, 2020. Eight clubs from North America and Central America will be coming to Orlando for an exciting series of matches. But unfortunately all matches will be closed to the public (insert sad face).

Jack Kazanzas Star
For over half a century, the 600-pound golden star, known as the Jack Kazanzas Star has shined bright over Orange Avenue every holiday season.  The story goes, that two competing department stores, Ivey’s and Dickson & Ives located across Orange Avenue from one another, joined together in 1955 to hand the Christmas star between the two. Years later, Jack Kazanzas helped raise money to replace the aging star that now bears his name. Tradition continues with the raising of the star on Sunday, November 22, 2020 at 7:45 AM.


This week, the DOP Playlist is specially curated by the team at Serendipity Labs. Enjoy!

Stuff You Should Know
Ingrid shares with us this fun podcast she enjoys listening to on her commute to work. "It’s got everything from the origin of Lawn Flamingos to the history of Alcatraz."

Team Tunes. 
I’m Still Standing by Elton John (Ingrid)
I Got You by Maddie Jay (Elizabeth)
Hell N Back by Bakar (Elizabeth)
Love Lies by Khalid featuring Normani (Justina)
Call by Lucky Daye (Elizabeth)
S.O.B. by Nathaniel Radeliffe (Ingrid)

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