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Bay Hill Jewelers Downtown Location Closing.
It is with great sadness that we share with you the closing of Bay Hill Jewelers Downtown location. Through July 31, they will offer private shopping with sales at cost. The entire store is discounted 30-50% off including Mont Blanc.

Orlando City 2021 Tickets On Sale.
Season tickets are now available for the Orlando City 2021 season. Choose from a full season, half-season or mini-plan. Plus, there is a special bonus for new season ticket holders who sign up before October 2, 2020, a 30% discount off single game pricing. The Ruckus will be back before we know it!

Timucua Arts Foundation Concert Next Week.
The Timucua Arts Foundation's founding family, Benoit Glazer, Elaine Corriveau and their children are making their upcoming performance available to everyone through donations of any amount to the United Arts Empower the Arts campaign. Simply donate by July 31st to watch the concert on August 5th at 7:30 PM.

*Empower the Arts Campaign aims to bolster the fundraising efforts of the small and mid-size Orange County organizations. Donations will provide much-needed support during this challenging time as the arts and culture sector begins to slowly reopen. Designated donations to the campaign partners are eligible for a 15% match by United Arts.

Everyone deserves a little summer fun— even during a pandemic. That’s why DOP is proud to announce our first-ever DOPalooza, a fun filled week of giveaways, prizes, and DOP love! Starting Monday, you will see posts and stories with daily giveaways from your fellow DOP members! And trust us, you don't want to miss this!


  • Each morning we will announce on the DOP Instagram page the day's giveaway package, along with what you need to do to be entered (be sure to follow us @DOPOrlando).
  • At 5:00 PM each day we will announce the day's winner.
  • Be sure to come back throughout the week for new exciting daily giveaways (hint: local yummy treats and beverages, outdoor adventures, and a few special surprises!)
  • Catch our stories to learn more about the DOP you know and love

DOP love is all around.


Check out the new podcasts, quick reads and tunes I put together for this week. Hit me up if you have any suggestions or want to do a guest playlist takeover. Enjoy!

The Indicator from Planet Money
This Weekend's (Fiscal) Cliffhanger
"Unless Congress acts, unemployment benefit enhancements will expire. And that could have big effects on the economy."

WSJ’s The Future of Everything
Traveling With Tech Made for the World's Fastest Sailboats
"The America's Cup, the world's oldest sailing competition, has a reputation for fostering innovation. In 2013, contestants began to use hydrofoils-underwater wings on the hull-to lift their boats out of the water during the race, allowing them to reach highway speeds and revolutionizing the sport. An Olympic sailor and a billionaire oil trader are now reimagining the technology to make passenger ferries faster and more eco-friendly."

The Bakari Sellers Podcast
Sunny Hostin on the Power of Prosecutors, Police Reform, and Justice for Breonna Taylor
"Bakari is joined by Sunny Hostin of 'The View' to talk about why she decided to become a prosecutor, the current movements for police reform, what needs to happen to bring about justice for Breonna Taylor, and the 2020 Democratic agenda."

Quick Reads. 
Business Insider
Read a rough draft of the GOP's initial relief bill proposal, which is circulating around the highest levels of Congress

Can Restaurants Survive Shutting Down Again?
"Closing dining rooms once cost a lot of money, but closing twice could be even worse."

Vanity Fair
21 Best Books of 2020: The Books Getting Us Through This Wild Year (So Far)
"Presenting 21 of the Vanity Fair staff’s favorite books from the first half of this unpredictable year."

Ten Minutes | The Get Up Kids
A Better Son/Daughter | Rilo Kiley
At Your Funeral | Saves The Day
Proceed with Caution | The New Amsterdams
Such Great Heights |The Postal Service
The Radiator Hums | Cursive
Sweet Avenue | Jets To Brazil
A Dozen Roses | Braid
I Am the Killer | Thursday
Yes, I Am Talking To You | Cap'n Jazz

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