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We are keenly aware that COVID-19 impacts every industry and facet of our daily lives. This week we took a look at what our DOP engineering members are up to and how they are using their expertise to solve today's engineering problems to move forward. Get comfy, because we've gathered a lot of good stuff.

The World of Engineering.
One of AECOM's main goals is to engage the public, which is usually done through face-to-face public meetings.  With a shift to a virtual workforce and the need to rethink how to engage the public for their comments and ideas, they launched a virtual public consultation tool.  This is how it works:

  • Through the new platform, a virtual event can be personalized to show consultation materials, including virtual reality and sound demonstrations, videos, maps, plans and pop up banners.
  • It allows for instant feedback so public reaction can be captured and saved for analysis and accurate reporting.
  • There is a chat function, so on-hand experts can remotely answer questions as visitors look around the materials, similar to what would take place during an in-person event.

Ingenuity Engineering has been working with OBL Solutions, a local Out Patient Cardiology Surgery Center, for a new prototype surgery center. With hospitals moving towards more of a “Hub and Spoke” business model, hospital systems are relying more and more on Ambulatory Surgery Centers for there surgeries. Next week they will be hosting a webinar covering Pursuing the Shift of Cardiovascular Procedures to the Outpatient Setting.

Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. is continuously posting new articles, webinars and podcasts to their Perspectives webpage as well as sharing them on their social media. A few of the recent posts include Riding Out the "New Normal": Reviving the Transit Industry Post Covid-19 and Returning to Retail: How to Build Customer Trust While Maintaining Social Distance.

Curious about how COVID-19 is changing travel patterns and what the resulting environmental impact might be? Or, how to estimate travel demand volumes using historical data in order to help projects move forward? Kittelson & Associates has you covered. Also, coming up on June 4, 2020, they will be hosting a webinar on the core principles behind visual communication for public outreach in transportation planning and engineering projects.

RTM Engineering Solutions put together a document outlining basic measures to be used to promote health and wellness in the office. Since it is not practical for most businesses to replicate a hospital environment with HEPA filtration or negative pressure airflow, they cover how to use the heating and air conditioning systems. These are simple measures with a significant impact on health and wellness.

TLC Engineering Solutions has successfully maintained schedules on projects across the country while we are all working from home as well as studying how to best employ building ventilation systems in order to reduce the risks of COVID-19. HVAC systems can reduce the risk of infection from aspirated viruses with relatively minor modifications to existing buildings.

VHB curated a webpage covering current impacts, future trends, and considerations as they see across transportation, real estate, institutions and energy.  Beyond these insights, VHB has compiled best practices on Innovative Approaches to Facilitate Virtual Engagement as it relates to a virtual shift in planning board, town hall, zoning commission, or traditional stakeholder outreach meetings for major projects. In addition, their new COVID-19 Series focuses on moving forward, covering the Impact on Global Supply Chains and Reshaping and Influencing the Post-COVID-19 World.

Walter P Moore is offering free distance learning for industry partners, and most are eligible for AIA Learning Units (LUs), or Professional Development Hours (PDH). They have also launched YourDesk University, which pulls international industry experts together to present technical learning sessions for architects, engineers and contractors.

WSP's Insight newsletter covers articles for 'engineering a better normal'. Helping provide answers to questions such as The Post-Pandemic Office: What About The Elevators? to Can We Virus-Proof the Office?

Phew! Did you catch all that?

Josh here with Volume 10 of the DOP Playlist. I hope you are enjoying these quick reads and pods I selected for this week. Let me know if you want to play 'Guest DJ' for the week, we would love to hear and see what other DOP members have on their reading lists.

Dead or Alive, Viruses are Everywhere, and Here to Stay

WSJ's The Future of Everything | May 8, 2020 | 17 minutes

Viruses are ubiquitous, found in every crevice on earth. Some, like SARS CoV 2, can end up killing their hosts. But researchers credit ancient viruses with helping us form long term memories.

As parts of the world reopen for business, we consider how these little packets of genetic material are not just our enemy, but helped us to evolve. Viruses, it turns out, shaped our genome, and will like be part of our evolutionary future.

#999: The Restaurant From The Future
Planet Money | May 13, 2020 | 23 minutes

With over 5.5 million workers unemployed or furloughed, no other industry has been hit harder than restaurants. Yet one guy is thinking about expanding. Huh?

The Industries Hit Hardest By The Unemployment Crisis 

FiveThirtyEight | By Neil Page

5 Tips for Hiring and Team Building Remotely

Utilize all your resources and tailor experiences for the virtual new reality.
Entrenprenuer | Jennifer Fitzgerald of PolicyGenius

Haim | Summer Girl
Tennis | Marathon
Best Coast | The Only Place
Wavves | King Of The Beach
Animal Collective | My Girls
Sylvan Esso | Hey Mami
Olah Bliss | Homegirl
MØ | Kamikaze 
Childish Gambino | Summertime Magic

Feels Like Summer


As an essential service Pathlight HOME has remained open throughout the pandemic. Pathlight HOME provides housing and economic opportunities to those who are homeless and low-income in our community. Many of the residents have been heavily impacted by job loss, reduction in hours worked and food insecurity and Pathlight HOME has stepped in to alleviate some those hardships.

  • Where they normally provided 50 meals a month, Pathlight is currently serving 300.
  • In addition to food support, supplies such as masks, sanitizer and toilet paper have been supplied.
  • Through participation in Giving Tuesday Now, over $4,000 was raised and is being used to surprise residents by paying their rent in full.

PS Pathlight Home is currently accepting office volunteers one at a time.

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