About $1 billion a week is spent in the United States to deal with entirely preventable work-related musculoskeletal injuries, many of which are caused by small flaws in body positioning, according to the New York Times.  With tips on chairs and keyboard placement, this has us asking who in Downtown Orlando can help make sure our office environment is set up properly.

Now Lean Back, Lean Back.
Common Sense can help put you in the right seat, with an assortment of ergonomic chairs featuring so many adjustments it will feel like it was molded to your body. Orlando newcomer CI Group, in addition to chairs and desks, has an entire line dedicated to ergonomic accessories including monitor arms and keyboard trays. Workscapes carries many lines of ergonomic furniture including SitOnIt, a fully customizable chair that is literally built just for you to sit on.

So sit back and relax.