Golden Brick Award Application

Before completing the below application, please review the application information page and category descriptions.

Click HERE to download the PDF version of the Golden Brick Application, but please note that the online application is preferred.


Golden Brick Award Application

  • The Golden Brick Award gives recognition to outstanding contributions to Downtown that demonstrate excellence and achievement. These unique awards have been a Downtown tradition for more than two decades.

    It is possible that a project may fall under multiple award categories, and you are encouraged to mark all categories that apply (so you may be considered in each). However, a project is only eligible to win in one category. The committee reserves the right to consider and/or award your project in other categories it deems more appropriate.

    An entry fee of $100 is required to apply for the Golden Brick Awards.

  • Entry Categories

  • (Answer for each category selected)
  • Additional Questions

    Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. These questions may not be relevant to all projects, but the information is helpful as it relates to the judging process.
  • Explain how your project has impacted economic development in Downtown.
  • Explain how your project has enhanced Downtown Orlando and made it a better place to live, work, and play.
  • Project Photos

    Applications must be accompanied by a minimum of five high-resolution photos (JPEG format preferred). All photos must be accompanied with a brief description in order to be used. All entry material becomes the sole property of Downtown Orlando Partnership and may be used for future publications, websites, advertisements, etc.