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GFG Solutions was created to bring peace of mind, clarity, and happiness to clients that own and manage businesses.

GFG helps businesses with their financial responsibilities including tax planning, risk management, key objective planning, & exit strategies. GFG Solutions is proud to announce that it has expanded its service offerings to now include Group Benefits. GFG Benefits was created to better serve the number one asset in any business: the people. This new branch will specialize in the following:

  • employee benefit programs
  • insurance
  • administrative planning
  • talent management
  • budget/cost containment
  • fiduciary compliance
  • benefits education



GFG is thrilled to announce that Tina Craft will be leading this new initiative as the President of GFG Benefits. She brings her 25+ years of experience, commitment to excellence, and passion for valuing humans over transactions to the GFG team.

An Employee Benefits Program is offered as a strategic solution to recruit, retain, and reward your valued talent. Your program offering illustrates the investment you are making in your team members personal health, wealth, and future. To capture engagement, appreciation, and a positive impact, it is key to understand what is important to your team members. In today’s environment, where employers are experiencing significant competition for qualified candidates, we invite you to seek our insight and experience focused on the employee experience.

GFG Benefits is specialized in guiding employers on a customized approach to best serve the needs of their business model. Let’s partner together to maximize and mitigate the human resources phenomenon known as the ‘great talent re-shuffle’.” - Tina Craft

Solutions for your business, simplified, has always been the core purpose of GFG. The addition of GFG Benefits allows us to continue deepening that purpose. Contact GFG today to request a consultation or more information! Tina would love to start the conversation on how you can take your benefits offerings to the next level.

Office: 407-553-8926 Ext: 1015
Cell: 407-463-5513

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